Hostgator vs Godaddy 2019

HostGator and GoDaddy are two web hosting giants. These two companies have made a name for themselves. Many at times, people try to compare one web hosting company to the other. In the case of these two companies it may prove to be a difficult task because both of them have shown to be good. However in the midst of the best, there is always a better option and at the end of this comparison the better option will be picked out. This comparison will be carried out under certain subheadings

1) Features

HostGator offers you three hosting plans and all these plans have their own specific features. The plans are the hatchling plan, the baby plan and the business plan. The Hatchling plan allows you to host only one domain but the other two plans gives you ability to host unlimited domain. The other features like unlimited bandwidth and disk space is available on all the three plans. The three plans also gives you unlimited emails. The business plan also has a toll free number which you can use to get customer support. Finally HostGator gives you a 45 day money back guarantee. For GoDaddy the case is different. It also had three plans, the Economy plan, Deluxe plan and the Ultimate plan. These plans offers you unlimited Bandwidth too just like HostGator. And also the economy plan can only host one domain while the other plans can host unlimited domains. But the disk space in GoDaddy is limited for the economy plan and unlimited for the other two.  Emails too are limited to 100 emails for Economy plan and 500 emails for the deluxe plan. While for the ultimate plan, email is unlimited.

HostGator offers lots of other features and tools that GoDaddy does not offer. In summary, when it comes to features, HostGator is a better company.

2) Ease of Use

Everybody likes things that are easy and straightforward, nobody likes redundancy and long procedures. In the area of ease and simplicity, HostGator has done a very good job. This is because they have made their platform to be easy to navigate. There is no long protocols and procedure. Signing up is very easy, the cpanel is easy to navigate and it lays out everything fit you. The plans are all compared in a single page and this gives you concise information of everything you need to know. GoDaddy is also easy to navigate because its platform is simplified too. But it is not as simple as HostGator.  Signing up is not that easy and you need to open more than one page to see all the available plans. In summary this means that HostGator is easier to operate than GoDaddy.

3) Speed

Speed is indispensable in website hosting. It is very important that your website loads very fast. HostGator has a very fast website speed. It loads a single page at about 3.2seconds and this is a very reasonable time for a website hosting company. Several tests were carried out using different web pages at different times to compare GoDaddy and HostGator. At the end day it was found out the HostGator was faster than GoDaddy. HostGator according to the tests that were performed was found to be faster than GoDaddy. But both of them have a very good speed, it is just that HostGator is faster.

4) Uptime

Uptime is another important factor. No one likes to experience downtime. For HostGator, uptime is about 99% and the same goes for GoDaddy, they both have very good uptime and hardly experience downtime. In a 12 month period it was discovered that websites that were run by the two companies experienced less than 3 hours of downtime. This is actually unbeatable. So in the area of uptime, they both have a tie.

5) Customer Support

Customer Support is another important factor to consider when comparing website hosts. For HostGator, the customer support is good but not excellent. There are various options you could do a live chat, call or email the customer support staff who are online 24 hours. However the response time is the issue, they respond late but they eventually respond. So apart from response problem, the customer support is good to go. GoDaddy has a slightly better customer support system than HostGator. They also offer various options but the response time is faster for GoDaddy. So in this area, GoDaddy comes out on top.

6) Pricing

Pricing is important when choosing a web hosting company. You do not want to bite more than you can chew. For HostGator the prices are affordable. The Hatchling plan goes for 1 cent/ month for starters and $71.4 per annum. The Baby plan also starts at 1 cent/month and $107 per annum.  The Business plan starts at $7.01 per month and $107 per annum. When you look at these prices you will see it has everything for everyone. Irrespective of your economic class, you will be able to afford a package. For GoDaddy the price packages is as follows: Economy plan starts at $56.88 per annum. The Deluxe plan starts at $10.99/month and goes up to $71.88 per annum. The ultimate plan starts at $816.99 per month and 119.88 per annum.  When you look at these two prices and consider the features you are getting, you will realize that HostGator is a better option. This means that HostGator is more affordable than GoDaddy.

Pros and Cons

  • For HostGator


1) It has Unlimited Disk space

2) Unlimited Bandwidth

3) Unlimited Domains

4) Has cpanel Interface

5) 99.99% uptime

6) 45 Day money back guarantee.


1) Customer support is a bit slow

2) Website performance is not 100%

3) Restoring data from backup require you to pay an extra fee.

4) It is not the cheapest option in the market.

  • For GoDaddy


1) Offer free domain name with all plans

2) Uses cpanel

3) Has good security features

4) 99% uptime

5) 24 hour phone support


1) Limited live chat customer support

2) To gain a discount for certain plans you have to subscribe for three years.


At the end it is obvious that HostGator is a better web hosting company than GoDaddy.